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Yay! I have RAM! Yippee!

*ahem* Now I'm up to 1.5 GB, from 512 MB. And World of Warcraft is actually playable under Windows, even in Lagforge—err, Ironforge. I shudder to think of what heights of performance it'll reach under Linux.

Best $70 I spent in a while. :D
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*sigh* Could someone please explain to me why World of WarCraft runs better in Linux (with some specific Windows-related stuff being emulated) than it does in Windows? :p
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Random fact: apparently I unconsciously named my night elf character in World of WarCraft (Ashara) after a former night elf queen (Azshara). Oops.


Nov. 30th, 2004 01:18 am
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1) Approximate final NaNo count: 30k-ish. I'd have finished if I hadn't had the brilliant idea of leaving my notebook at school when I went home for Thanksgiving. After that screwed me over, I haven't bothered to write any more the last few days since I know that I won't get anywhere near the target; I might as well wait for when I don't have finals coming up Really Soon Now. *cheers sarcastically*

2) I'm not sure which is worse: that I have time to read while I'm retrieving my corpse in World of WarCraft, or that what I'm reading is a WarCraft novel.

3) On a pseudorelated note, it's amazing just how much foreshadowing there is for WarCraft III in the first batch of novels. (Well, alright, #2 and #3 are gimmies. But Day of the Dragon isn't. And I really want for there to be more books, especially if Christie Golden comes back to write some. Lord of the Clans is probably my favorite novel of hers.)
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Today I enter the world of WarCraft. :D

Obsessed? Me? What makes you say that?


Nov. 12th, 2004 12:12 pm
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World of WarCraft is the perfect ****ing timesink. It's a good thing I have a job, 'cause this is $15 a month I think I'm definitely going to end up spending.

And it's amusing standing there and right-clicking the peons as a person instead of some hand in the sky. "More work?" I need to go find out if they have their multiclick sayings*....

*Blizzard likes to have units in StarCraft and WarCraft say funny things if you sit there and click on them a bunch of times. "Stop poking me!" "Ooh! That tickles." "Umm... I'm not that kind of Orc."


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