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Nothing all that interesting to add.... I managed to crank out about 1300 words on a short story last night/this morning (it was 1 A.M. when I started), and I know where I want to go with it, but when I went back to it this afternoon I choked with regards to usable content; I'm having issues channeling Weyoun, and am ending up with Harriman Grey instead. :-/

Maybe I'll get some more done tomorrow, when I'm working on installing Windows XP onto three machines—plenty of wait time involved there. I'll also probably work on the end instead of the middle, since it'll much more straightforward to write....
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For those of you who don't know, in the summer I fix computers for Garden City Public Schools, with a friend of mine.

So, today we were in the high school. We're about to leave for the day. As we exit the computer lab we were in, we hear an odd beeping sound. Looking up, we see that the motion sensor in the hall is flashing.

Scott: "Fuck! Alarm!"

Out come the cell phones, trying to call our bosses who have the codes. Mine: "All circuits are busy now. Please try again later."


My friend gets through, though, and we disarm the alarm. As we're about to rearm it and head out the nearest exit, our boss says "Oh, those doors are probably instant," meaning that the doors will probably set the alarm off, even if you're still in the "grace period" you have between setting the alarm and it activating.

Me: "What [IDIOT] decided to instant the doors RIGHT NEXT TO THE ALARM PANEL?"

Well, obviously, we made it out without bringing the cops down on us. Or, at least, we left before they showed up. :)
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I've actually had two or three entries written in the past two weeks--my PDA's batteries just died before I could upload them, and I've been trying to work up the motivation to redo them.

Screw that. :)

So... I've done what I said I wouldn't do, and am working two jobs again, even though I ended up getting a pay cut at one. At least my new bosses at Farmer Jack (the job with the cut) are understanding about only wanting to work evenings, so that I can still go work at Garden City, have fun, and get paid more.

(So why am I even at Farmer Jack then, you ask? Simple. I want money. Lots of it. And hopefully between working and having a job at college, I won't be broke by November this year. :D)
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I can't quite explain why, but there's something kinda empowering about returning to a high school a year after graduating... and walking around carrying a master key for the building. :D

I just need to get the alarm codes from my boss—which I'll get the next time I work on a weekend.


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