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As I'm sure nobody reading this is surprised to find out, I bought Diane Duane's The Empty Chair when it was released on Monday. What should surprise you is that it took almost 36 hours for me to finish it. I don't really have a review; it's more of a spoiler-laden commentary‚Ķ )
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First time. Had fun.

Highlights: First and foremost, meeting everyone in person. (They aren't as crazy as they are online—they're worse.) Being surprised that Bob Greenberger and Richard White recognized my name—I bitch enough that it's no surprise the others did. ;) (Aside: Dark Legacy really needs to be bumped up my "to be read" list. But then, so does The Last World War, which I've owned since it came out but still haven't read. I'd say I'm sorry... except Dayton probably doesn't give a shit, especially since he has my money. :p) Seeing a Jaffa inspecting a pink R2 unit. Everything not below.

Lowlights: being forced out of the bar after, oh, fifteen minutes. Smoke and me mix even less than I thought. I'm not sure if I coincidentally got sick, or if my general nasal issues Sunday/today were an allergic reaction. Do appreciate Tammy's trying to make me more welcome, though. Also, not staying in the con hotel. That's being rectified, though, once the website's allowing reservations for next year.

Things I wish I'd done: had stuff for people to sign at Meet the Pros; felt somewhat awkward without it. ("I read the books, but I don't have any.") Actually staying in the bar, though it's better that I didn't. Heckling Keith on the SCE panel. (Almost did, then realized that it could've been awkward if true.)

All in all, a good experience. :)


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