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With apologies to Ecclesiastes:

To each writer there is a way:
a way to introduce, and a way to say goodbye;
a way of foreshadowing, and a way to use it;
a way to kill, and a way to resurrect;
a way to destroy, and a way to build;
a way with drama, and a way with comedy;
a way to inspire sorrow, and a way to inspire joy;
a way to wage war, and a way to build the weapons;
a way with romance, and a way to end it;
a way to search to details, and a way to fudge them;
a way to involve more, and a way to edit out;
a way to sunder lives, and a way to rejoin them;
a way with action, and a way with dialogue;
a way for readers, and a way for editors;
a way to write, and a way to read.
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The world moves on
regardless of me;
I am but a cog in the wheel.
If I were to leave,
a bit of slippage may occur
where I intersected with others,
but the machine as a whole
moves on.

Thus, I don't matter;
I don't affect the universe.
Nothing I do
can keep the stars from burning;
they were here long before me
and will be here long after.
Their lives, as such
move on.

If the world doesn't need me,
do I need the world?
Could I live
without the work of others?
No bloody way.
Food, water, shelter;
all can only be obtained from others.
No moving on for me.

That is, no moving on
along this path.
There is another,
not so much a path
as an end.
I must either embrace the pain,
or abandon it for nothingness
one I cannot return from.

Die me dichotomy.


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