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Here's where I'm going to be a bad person and, unlike about half of my friends list (said half being those who posted today), say absolutely nothing about what I got for Christmas. (Between my preknowledge of everything and other issues, it's hard to get excited about this stuff....)

I will, however, share my family's choice of Christmas movie for watching on Christmas Eve: Die Hard.

Best. Christmas movie. Ever. ;)
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Two words: **** good. Pixar is now 5.5 for 6. (A Bugs Life was pretty good the first time around, but on rewatching I didn't like it. It might work better on younger audiences, though—unlike the others which work well for them all.)

I noticed a lot more allusions than in the other movies (yes, even more than Toy Story 2)—and I'm sure there were more that I missed. Kudos to Brad Bird for working so many in.

No use coming up with a detailed review—if you liked Pixar's other movies, you'll like it, but if you didn't like Toy Story or Finding Nemo, you won't like The Incredibles. 'Nuff said.

*sigh* No more good movies 'till April. :(

(Well, maybe Ocean's Twelve. But I really think that it's kind of a one-trick pony....)


Jul. 28th, 2004 12:03 am
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Meh. Only seven hundred words tonight. I could do more, except I have to get up early tomorrow, so caffeinating myself as per my usual procedure would be a bad idea. :-/

On the bright side, it turns out that The Bourne Supremacy was a heck of a lot better than I'd expected. I thought it was almost as good as the original; the only low point was that it felt like they reused about half the music from Identity. I wouldn't have noticed if I didn't like the original's music as much as I do, though....

And also, it turns out that I won't have to work Saturday like I'd thought I would, so that should give me lots of time to write. I know I need to go back through and expand a couple of things, like background; while I'm working with preexisting characters (this is for SNW), I need to work in details of exactly how my thorough screwing of T'Rul occurred. :)


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