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Yay! I have RAM! Yippee!

*ahem* Now I'm up to 1.5 GB, from 512 MB. And World of Warcraft is actually playable under Windows, even in Lagforge—err, Ironforge. I shudder to think of what heights of performance it'll reach under Linux.

Best $70 I spent in a while. :D
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Because I'm in a weird mood. )
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I went and bought Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II today. Started playing. What I thought was about two hours later, I went to go get dinner.

Turns out "two" was more like "six", and it was after midnight.

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"Life should carry a big yellow 'Caution' sticker. It's certain to kill you sooner or later."
—April Ryan, The Longest Journey
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"But real life has a nasty habit of hurting peoples' feelings."
—Emma, The Longest Journey
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To: The makers of The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age (to wit, EA Games)

From: Me

Re: Your games

Why did you make these games? The GameCube version is a combination of one of my two favorite games (Golden Sun), The Lord of the Rings, and 3D graphics. The Game Boy Advance version is a combination of my other favorite game (Fire Emblem) and The Lord of the Rings.

You made it impossible for me to not buy these. Furthermore, after having purchased and sampling said games, I find out that they are good. I do not want to stop playing, but I have these things called "classes" that I need to attend, "homework" that requires completion, and a book I'm working on writing. All the while, your discs and cartridge are sitting here on my desk, taunting me, grabbing my attention.

This is not fair. I do not like being taunted. I do not like playing your games knowing that reality is out there. I demand that you make it go away, and that you make it so that I can enjoy your **** good games in peace. Thank you.

(All right, [livejournal.com profile] steve_mollmann did a much better job with his letter to Wardilmore. I tried, though.)
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Note to self: when you know that you've ordered a nice shiny new modem for your GameCube, it might help if you remember to bring the network cable from home so that you can, y'know, hook the thing up.

*sigh* This is not turning out to be a good week. At least Firefly DVDs are on their way....
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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is probably the best game I've ever played, for PC or console. (Well, maybe The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker beats it. But it's close.) It's certainly the most immersive game I've played. Plus, between the different character progression options and the whole light side/dark side dichotomy to toy around with. My first game lasted just shy of thirty hours (not counting times I died and reloaded, bringing it closer to forty); I expect my "dark side" game to be longer, now that I know I have to do certain side quests before certain events. :)

(Yes, there's a reason why "dark side" is in quotes. I suspect that the whole light side/dark side setup in Knights is horribly, horribly broken. More on this at some other time. Now, I'm going to bed.)


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