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Well, I've seen the first three episodes of 24 this year. And my fears have been justified. Three hours in, and the "heroes" are already torturing innocents.

I can even almost understand Jack doing it. And he—until this year—hasn't gone out of his way to inflict more pain on people, as far as I can remember. He's withheld treatment after shooting back at people trying to kill him, yes, but not inflicted more pain.

But this is the third CTU chief in a row—if not more; I don't remember whether Mason had anyone tortured or not—to torture people they had in custody. And that, of course, completely ignores the CTU agents who specialize in inflicting pain to get answers. At least they tried a new method this season—on the other hand,it's almost worse, because this is the first one the audience is led to believe is innocent (unlike others, where we've been made to believe—true or not—that they're guilty.)

Dammit, is it possible for the good guys to get through a single year without torturing someone? While I enjoy the rest of the show.... I hate to admit it, but the screams haunt me. I feel... dirty for watching the show.
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I like watching 24, and am looking forward to the fourth season. Yet I don't like, well, just about all of the main characters:

Jack Bauer: A bit ruthless, at least in the third season; I don't know how much of this change—if any—is due to his drug problem, though.

David Palmer: I liked him in the first season. But when he had Stanton tortured in the second season, I automatically lost all sympathy for him. His lie in S3 didn't help him any. (At least his brother is honest about his amorality....)

Kim Bauer: In S2, she was superfluous, and in S3, she's a whiny abuser of nepotism who's still superfluous. Should've dumped her after S1.

Tony Almeda, and Ryan Chappel: Both inflicting torture of captives in S3. Chappel was a bastard beforehand, but he's worse now.

Michelle Dessler: Up in the air. I don't remember if she was in on the torture in S3 or not. (Which is sad, since I watched it less than four days ago....)

So, I don't get why I like the show. *shrug* Fortunately, everyone except Bauer (and Chloe, who I'm still not sure about either way—I want to watch a full season with her play out before making a judgement) will be gone when S4 starts. Maybe CTU will actually end up with some morals this time around. :-/


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