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First, the old: M. Not much else carried over from prior Bonds (and even she's gone through some changes). But her core is intact, and I like the sharp edge that's been filed onto her wit.

Yes, Casino Royale is a reboot, and we're explicitly shown that it takes place in summer 2006. You might be able to squeeze the post-GoldenEye stories after CR, but that's about it; anything else will appear too old, or feature such anachronisms as the Cold War.

Yes, the gadgetry and fantasy have been turned down. Bond's active equipment is limited to pistol, silencer, first aid kit, and Aston-Martin. (One that doesn't appear to have any weaponry installed, just secure storage. Hardly a Q-branch special.) The closest we come to breaking the suspension of disbelief (IMO) is some of the stuntwork in Act 1 (between the credits and where the novel Casino Royale began), where I think Bond probably should have ended up with fractured legs and feet. But if it was CGI trickery, then it was good CGI trickery, to the point where I couldn't tell the difference.

Yes, Bond's hallmark girls, martini, and theme are notably absent. But this is deliberate. By the end of the movie, we know why James is as reckless with the women as he is. By the end of the movie, the music which has been subtly hinting at the James Bond Theme throughout finally brings it together into what will hopefully serve him for many years to come. The martini… well, I've seen a potential explanation online, but for now I guess that's kind of a loose end.

I've seen many people try to compare Casino Royale to other spy films, like The Bourne Identity. But Casino Royale isn't a ripoff of those other films. They take the best elements—the smartness, the seriousness—and give the viewer an undeniably Bond experience with those new elements thrown in. This is a Bond that hasn't been seen in nearly a decade, possibly for longer. There's no superweapons here, no megalomaniacal madmen trying to take over the world. Just Bond, a desparate banker, and a girl caught in the middle.

If you like the previous Bond movies, you should still like Casino Royale. If you didn't, you should still give it a try; it's amazing how much better it is with the silly factor removed.
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